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​場所:港区(御成門駅 徒歩2分)

Experience Japanese Calligraphy

I am a Master of calligraphy with 20 years’ experience as a qualified Shihan, the highest rank of calligraphy. I regularly teach calligraphy at nursing homes and hospitals to help people improve their quality of life. Having worked in the cultural sector at a public organisation in Nice, France, as well as having achieved a Masters of Arts in London, I am keen to share my Japanese culture through English or French at your request.

1) You will learn how to write popular Japanese Kanji characters and your name in Japanese. Please provide me with your name and pronunciation in advance. Since each Japanese Kanji character has its own meaning, such as truth, hope, beauty, honest, water, tree, sun and so on, I will choose a part of your name and explain its meaning and together we will explore if it fits your personality. I will also explain how Japanese Kanji are composed.

2) You will write them on a card and take it as a souvenir. I can write it for you if you prefer.